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NMB notebook keyboards

Although NMB was a major manufacturer of notebook keyboards, only one such type is known to have been documented on their website. This was model NOTE85A.


Model NOTE85A is a scissor switch keyboard with an integrated Light Point™ trackpoint. The Light Point is “based on technology and software license from IBM” [sic], and uses NMB’s own strain gauge technology. The datasheet is marked KB10/95 which suggests that it is from 1995 (although the PDF is from 1998) which may be why the illustration of the keyboard omits Windows and menu keys. The assembly contains a 0.5 mm aluminium backplate.


Full travel 3.0±0.5 mm
Pretravel 2.3±0.5 mm
Peak force 45±15 gf
Operating force 25+15 gf
Rated lifetime 10 million cycles
Legend printing Tampo with clear coat
Audible noise 40 dB maximum
Contact material Mylar with silver–carbon overlay


WLP-520F8 is an unidentified model of non-scissor notebook keyboard. The membrane sheet codes are 8770-0027 and 8770-0030. The date of manufacture appears to be April 1991.