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Fujitsu date codes

For a while, I believed that I understood the correlation between Fujitsu serial numbers and manufacture dates. Each Fujitsu keyboard I came across was a perfect fit into the scheme I discovered. Subsequently I have found that more of them do not fit this pattern than do fit, so it appears that they had several different serial number systems on the go at the same time.

On this page, I list only the “main sequence” examples: those keyboards that do fit the pattern. At some later date I may expand the page to show all the counterexamples. Amongst the counterexamples, I have yet to find another scheme, although there are some brief periods of correlation between examples.

Sometimes, these letters only appear on internal serial numbers found on the PCB, not the external serial number found on the case. This is particularly true of OEM products where the customer has placed their own product label onto the outside of the case. Sometimes there is both an external and internal Fujitsu serial number, and it is the internal serial number that fits the pattern in this case (assuming either of them fit).

jpspace’s Fujitsu Micro 8 is an interesting example: the IC dates are all 1981, but the keyboard module has an ‘X’ serial number, which should be 1982.

The confirmed date range so far:

Prefix Year Keyboard Switch Serial (external/internal)
Y 1983 Epson Q703C-AA (HaaTa) Second generation leaf spring 049989 / Y55690
Z 1984
A 1985
B 1986
C 1987
D 1988 Fujitsu FMR30KB501 (MouseFan) Third generation leaf spring P8Y03855 / DY03767t
E 1989
F 1990
G 1991
H 1992 Triumph FKB4700 (klikkyklik) Peerless type 2 H1390872
1992 Escom FKB4804-103 (niubio) Plug and toilet H7075277
I 1993 My own unbranded FKB4700 Peerless type 2 I6005425
J 1994 Fujitsu OAKB-406 (MouseFan) Third generation leaf spring 175835 / J600023t
K 1995
L 1996 Fujitsu F7956KB1 (“jpspace”) Post-Peerless 1479+L801859 / L801888e
M 1997 Fujitsu FKB8726-353 (niubio) Dome with slider M9058886
N 1990
O 1991
P 2000 Fujitsu FKB4725-501 (rzwv) Peerless type 2 PZ294887

H and I are confirmed by FKB4700 keyboards; this is the label from mine (something I omitted from my original photo shoot):

View full-size image Rear label
View full-size image 1993 date on controller IC and PCB