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Apple iMac DV SE (Summer 2000)


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Wants a good home; replaced by Ксения


This is in fact my second iMac running Tiger; both machines were given to me as gifts by Matthew Brackley. The first iMac, a Graphite DV/SE, had a near-dead hard drive and damaged video firmware, and was given to me to repair. My father, András Lengyel (via the Internet) and I together succeeded in fixing it, with the vital help of an undead stick of memory. That machine went to my sister as she needed it far more than I did.

Now I have been given another iMac, for which I finally decided I could make enough space to keep it. I like shiny toys.


Brunnhild is named for Kristanna Løken’s character in the film The Sword of Xanten. Brunnhild and Siegfried were my original partition names of the drive on the older iMac, before I realised that the drive was hosed. My sister decided to name the Mac “Nemo” (Latin for “No-one”, in place of a better name), so I recycled the name for my own iMac.

In addition to the reasonably obvious reasons for the choice, I am very taken with Kristanna’s Web site and the way that the Flash-based interface thinks outside of the box of convention with regards to windowing environment design. While not necessarily practical in general, it’s the type of unusual thinking and the ability to believe in it that projects like Cy/VOS depend on.