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Wishlist: service manuals

I seek the following service manuals, or at least I did at the time of writing. The objective is to recover the part numbers of individual switch types, thus any other suitable evidence is equally acceptable, such as a bill of materials or repair parts.

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Electronic typewriters


Lots of Canon typewriter keyboards end up in the hands of keyboard enthusiasts, with no way to be sure what typewriter they are from. The variation in AP models is so great that no keyboard ever quite matches a known model. Many AP models used Alps mechanical keyboards. The following are models where the switch series is known. The switch part numbers however remain a mystery.

Alps switch part numbers start with the series name. Some switches gained an S in their name around 1985; the full-size keyboards changed from K to KF (as seen on the labels on the keyboard chassis inside the typewriters); see Alps series names and model numbers.

Olympia/AEG Olympia

The following use Cherry MX “Olympia Linear Clear” switches, specifically created for Triumph-Adler. The switch part numbers will begin “MX” and will likely take the form “MX1A-_G__” (where G denotes custom parts from the German factory).

The following use Marquardt “Butterfly” switches, for which the official series name is lost (Marquardt no longer have a record of it):

Some models use Marquardt “Two Fingers Typewriter” switches, another type for which Marquardt have no record; these switches may have been created specifically for Olympia. These are not properly documented; the only confirmed models are:

Some Carrera models use Marquardt Series 6180 switches, whose part numbers should take the form “6180.____”. These are not properly documented.

Other types:


The following use Cherry M9 switches, specifically created for Triumph-Adler. The switch part numbers will begin “M9”.

A number of others have Cherry MY (see the Deskthority page on Triumph-Adler); these service manuals could potentially list replacement MY modules, likely with part numbers in the form “MY1A-____” if so.

The following use other interesting switch types:

Also of mild interest:



Other equipment


SAGEM produced a device whose keyboard looks identical to that of the TX-20 telex machine, but whose switches are Cherry and whose keycaps appear to be Comptec. The service manual for the TX-20 gives the switches as Clare reed types (in both high and low-profile forms) but the mystery SAGEM keyboard uses Cherry M7 switches retooled for SAGEM, and there is no mention of this in the TX-20 service manual. Two such keyboards are known, but the equipment they came from is lost. The switch part numbers may begin “M73” unless Cherry created a wholly separate series for them, in which case they will be “M” followed by some other code, such as “M2” or “M10”.


The Ultratec Miniprint uses what seem to be standard Cherry M9 switches.


The ACC (American Communications Corporation) LUV-1 TDD uses Futaba ML switches, the tall type as found in the Acorn Atom and BBC Micro.