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KBK update for Sunday, 12th July

Having recently split the remaining Fujitsu reed information into separate FES-5, FES-8, FES-9 and FES-4 pages (with FES-1/2/3 having been split out previously), I have now expanded the details of FES-8 according to what little of the Fujitsu journal article I am able to read and understand. For example, it seems that Fujitsu offered both レベル出力 (level output) and パルス出力 (pulse output) Hall effect options. The are no photographs and measurements of any Fujitsu reed switches yet, as it may be some years before I lay my hands on any of these types. What is disappointing is that no-one with an illuminated FES-8 or FES-9 switch has ever checked what part number is written on them. It may be a long time yet before anyone encounters the Hall effect types, however.

On the subject of Hall effect, the encoding and output page recently gained a section on Micro Switch’s two-of-N code direct encoding, using binary encoders to convert the two-of-N codes directly to ASCII codes without the need for a microcontroller.

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