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KBK update for Sunday, 19th April

A new page is up on Hall effect keyboards. It is comparatively brief, but it provides what could be considered a few interesting details.

There is also now a page that collects together the details on TESLA Hall_ICs. They offered two types: full-height (used with switches based on Micro Switch SW) and low-profile (used with switches based on Micro Switch SD). Each size came in a level type and a pulse type, for a total of four models. Unfortunately it seems that TESLA declined to write anything about them, so the behaviour has to be determined from the specifications and circuit diagrams.

While looking for photos of the SD clone switches with TESLA switches, something else interesting turned up. Buried deep in the Redmaus Megasale topic is a Zentec Zephyr DD/ID220 keyboard with switches that appear to be a plate-mount version of Stackpole’s grid switches. While Stackpole interlocking was discrete but still PCB mount, these seem to be discrete plate-mount units. This is a new discovery that went unnoticed last year.

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