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KBK update for Monday, 10th February

In October 2019, Deepak Kandepet introduced me to an unknown reed switch type, depicted as switch 2 in a gallery of then-unidentified switches. This type is always marked “ПКМ 1Б” (“PKM 1B”). Some investigation found that some were also marked with a logo that somewhat resembled a smiling face. Later, I came across the Russian Virtual Computer Museum. Armed with a freshly-redrawn logo derived from its brief appearance in Chyros’s TC7063.02.A003.01 Soviet keyboard review (the logo shown in the video is depicted more precisely than on the bottoms of the switches), the museum staff were able to track down the logo to Ukrainian firm Magnit (Електромеханічний завод «Магніт») in Kaniv. Formerly part of the USSR Ministry of Radio Industry, they are now a separate business.

It is possible that they may still remember these switchces, but at present they cannot be reached as their mailbox is full!

There are still many more unidentifiable Soviet switch types, but now one of them is at least partially understood.

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