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KBK update for Wednesday, 1st January

2019 knowledge round-up

2019 has been another fantastic year for keyboard knowledge, so much so that it seems unlikely that 2020 will beat it. Two major successes were Micro Switch and Fujitsu. Micro Switch has seen by far the biggest gains in knowledge, thanks to charts and literature from Honeywell Sensing and Internet of Things, National Museum of American History Library and the Computer History Museum:

Thanks to Kiyoto, the series name of every known Fujitsu discrete switch has been found:

Numerous Mechanical Enterprises types have been discovered (corresponding to unmatched patents), although most are yet to be observed:

Some other discoveries made in 2019:

Additionally, I have now a huge list of Alps patents for anyone who can read Japanese, including several for “fat Alps”.

2019 has brought with it a couple of other changes. The site graphics are now all converted to vector, to be DPI-independent (and this includes MouseFan’s site). With the exception of the switch collection, the thumbnails are all rebuilt in higher resolution (generally 150–175% DPI, as a compromise). Although my photos range from passable to execrable in quality, the increased detail level of the thumbnails does make a real difference even on a screen at only 120 DPI (125%), with the added sharpness clearly evident.

Additionally, the presence of “.php” in URLs is no longer required. The old URLs will continue to function, but they will redirect to the cleaner URLs.

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