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Clare-Pendar Series S830



Clare-Pendar Series S830 is a tall reed switch series. The shell is cylindrical, vaguely similar to George Risk KB reed switches. S830 supports momentary and alternate action. The rated lifetime in 1971 was 100 million cycles at logic levels (i.e. low voltage and current). These have been found Clare-Pendar–branded, although in 1971 they were advertised by parent company C. P. Clare.

S830 dates back at least as far as 1971. Manufacture goes back at least as far as early 1972. S83010 switches sold on eBay appear to be made in 1985 (stamped “G.I. 3W720 8536 S83010”).

S830 switches sold by STRONIC in France look identical to those in the ca. 1972 calculator keypad, but “ASM. MEXICO” has been added to the mould below the CAGE number. These do not bear either a model number or a date code.



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