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Coronavirus walk no. 4, 25th April 2020

The level of light and depth of shadows—which cannot be captured by the camera—is a good demonstration in person of how great the human eye’s dynamic range is. For a cheap and now nearly fifteen-year-old camera, the results could be worse.

Looking onwards Looking onwards
Looking back Looking back
Tree island Tree island
The narrow road ahead The narrow road ahead
The road behind The road behind
Distant wood Distant wood
Field of yellow Field of yellow
A remote abode A remote abode
Listening post Listening post
Flies in the sky Flies in the sky
The white house The white house
Inachis io Inachis io
Celastrina argiolus Celastrina argiolus
Into the distance Into the distance
Unexpected Unexpected
It is … brown It is … brown
Armadillidium vulgare Armadillidium vulgare
Here a horse Here a horse, there a horse, everywhere a horse in this part of the country
Banaczech Banaczech
Roadside flowers Roadside flowers
Carpet of blue Carpet of blue
Hyacinthoides non-scripta Hyacinthoides non-scripta
Stellaria holostea Stellaria holostea
Geranium robertianum? Geranium robertianum?
Vista Vista
They have the power They have the power
Spot the birdie Spot the birdie
Not in disguise Not in disguise
Long walk for the postman Long walk for the postman
Distant trees Distant trees
Three chimneys and a mast Three chimneys and a mast
Grand tree 1 Grand tree 1
Looking back again Looking back again
Grand tree 2 Grand tree 2
As far as the eye can see As far as the eye can see
Distant tracks Distant tracks
The end of the road The end of the road
A forbidden goal A forbidden goal
Another time Another time
Celastrina argiolus Celastrina argiolus again
Silene dioica Silene dioica
Expanse of purple Expanse of purple
Distant tower Distant tower
Blue and white Blue and white
White, blue and yellow White, blue and yellow
Answers on a postcard Answers on a postcard
Why did the spider cross the road? Why did the spider cross the road? (Scotophaeus blackwalli?)

For Meryl and Eddie.