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Notices for 9th March 2019 to 31st July 2016

Saturday, 9th March 2019

The KBK section now has its own updates page and corresponding updates RSS feed. This section of the site is regularly updated.

Saturday, 6th August 2016

Back in March, one Juergen Lohnert requested a portable build of Batch-RegEx (thus making him user no. 2, after Anthony). I knocked up a fresh build that would look for the preferences file in the same directory as the executable first, before falling back to %APPDATA%\Telcontar.

I have now recompiled each program (except 7-ade, which is non-portable) to enable portable mode, and created a build script to enable it (by putting a blank preferences file inside of the zip file ready). In addition, each program now also has an Inno Setup–generated installer: manually unpacking zip files and moving files to Program Files in order to update the program gets tedious.

SMTP Werkzeug 1.5 is now available, with the addition of EICAR and GTUBE test messages, as well as some adjustments to the user interface. Since we do use this program at work, I’ve also adjusted its page to put a more positive spin on the program, since it’s genuinely useful and the framework bugs aren’t really a huge setback.

Sunday, 31st July 2016

Continuing my quest to develop software in the most inappropriate frameworks possible, I now present: 7-ade.

7-ade is basically StuffIt Expander for Windows, built around 7-Zip, using AutoHotkey. It’s something I have wanted for years, and having finally migrated from Windows XP to Windows 10 at work, I decided it was time to have another attempt at creating it. Until now, I’ve had a simple Perl wrapper that only handled zip files, but 7-ade also registers interest in a number of additional file types, now that I can get this to work.

It also offers the beginnings of a rule engine for expansion enhancement.