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Notices for 19th October 2003 to 13th October 2003

Sunday, 19th October 2003

A nice big change today – Gorillas Deluxe has a new home on Telcontar.net now, and as well as moving it across, I also present the first revision to the code since 2.0.1 back in January 2000. Version 2.1b1 has a number of improvements, so go visit its page and take a look to see what’s new.

I have also created a guestbook system for the site which, while presently not suitable for that task, is set up for people to suggest and discuss changes to Gorillas Deluxe. This is preferable to e-mailing me because then other people can join in the discussion instead of leaving me to guess what other people will make of the ideas.

This update marks, I suppose, the beginning of the move away from Firetrack for the more ‘official’ work of mine, towards Telcontar.net being a more central location for everything.

Let’s see what comes next, eh? :) And a wave to all the people out there keeping Gorillas alive :)

Friday, 17th October 2003

Just posted a new FAQ page, for those with inquisitive minds.

I have also declared HTTP Werkzeug and Horizon Converter as open source applications, so help yourselves to the code if you so desire. Further programs are likely to be made open source once I get around to sorting it out (and providing I still have compilable copies of the source ;) I also have another little app that I plan to post sometime soon when I get around to it. (Note, anyone wishing to buy me a Round Tuit for Christmas is most welcome ;)

Monday, 13th October 2003

Now posted a link to Robb Tolliver’s site in the About section under the friends’s sites list.