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Notices for 26th August 2003 to 29th September 2003

Tuesday, 26th August 2003

Well, here we are – just over two years and two months after my redesigned Telcontar’s Homepage went live, I present to you all the second revision of the site. Rebuilt in PHP as Telcontar.net, you should find the site easier to navigate at last (and with a revised structure), as well as cleaner looking and finally located at its very own domain.

Not all of the old site has been migrated yet; some sections of the old site which are worth putting up here are missing, and hopefully will be forthcoming in time.

Note finally that I have now posted HTTP Werkzeug version 1.1, for any users of my nifty little HTTP tool.

Enjoy your stay.

Saturday, 27th September 2003

The About section now has a list of my favourite tunes at the moment; I can’t guarantee that I will keep it up to date, though :)

At some point, I also need to start moving items from Firetrack and the ntlworld site over to this site, to create a more coherent Web presence instead of one split into three different locations. The first place to start will probably be my completed articles, and the Gorillas Deluxe page. Frequent visitors will observe, however, that it has been about a month now since this site went live, so my expediency level should be pretty evident.

For now, though, thoughts go out to a friend in Canada with a treatable yet terminal condition for whom doctors may not choose to treat her (for free) soon enough, and cannot afford to pay for treatment herself ($10,000 CDN, approximately £4,500) – time is rapidly running out on her, alas (a matter of months).

[Edit: For anyone reading back this far, yes, it all ended well: Jennifer Elaan is still with us. I guess Fate wants to ensure that one more person gets their crack at Microsoft, with Cy/VOS ;-) Jennifer is a truly remarkable woman regardless.]

Monday, 29th September 2003

Well, here we go – a collection of amusing spam opens the new Miscellaneous section. More stuff to come…