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The original Telcontar’s Homepage

When perusing my old Angelfish drive (using it as a backup of files and software I had lost from my main drive when Norton toasted it), I stumbled across a copy of my original Telcontar’s Homepage from 2000-01. For the edification and horror of visitors to Telcontar.net, I have posted it for all to see.

It’s funny to look back and see how much you have progressed over time; looking at my original site I see such delights as JavaScript abuse (you need JavaScript enabled to open the site notices) and GIF abuse (program version numbers displayed with GIFs, although I did adorn them with alt parameters). I have located and disabled all the broken external links on the site and added one final update to the notices, but otherwise, the site is just as it was back in 2001, JavaScript and bad HTML included. I shall be listening out for the howls.

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