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 Version beta 1

PPP Door Stop periodically downloads an HTML file to keep your modem connected; ideal if your ISP cuts you off after a couple of minutes of not using your connection. It downloads pure HTML to itself, using very little bandwidth and making it suitable to be left in the background when you working and want your connection maintained.

Although the program and the read me both say that this is an alpha copy, I felt that, since it is virtually complete, it may as well be a beta copy. I have been running it since its release and so far it seems to be working perfectly. The only known incompatibility is with the FirePower 1.5.1 screensaver (copyrighted 1995) because FirePower halts all PPP activity when it is active. It will probably also fail if a program is being loaded at the time when it should be connecting, or some other heavy disc or processor activity is taking place. There are one or two known bugs; one of which is the fact that, if the connection drops, the program fails to reconnect you or even notice the problem. I have no idea why. Has anyone else experienced this problem, or any others?

Feel free to try it out, and send me any bug reports and comments; they will be most welcome. Please don’t hesistate to suggest extra features as well, as they would be most appreciated. I don’t know when I will release the final product; I will wait and see whether I get any feedback from anyone, to see whether the program really is OK. Then I’ll consider a release.

Download as Sit 410 k

A screenshot of the program. Requirements
Mac OS version Nothing too old.
Processor PowerPC only, to make the download a little smaller; I can do a 68k version if wanted.
Free memory 1.1 Mb
Free hard disc space   1.1 Mb
Also An Internet connection.
This program is freeware.