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– made this site?
Telcontar (I know, hardly an original alias, although I didn’t realise until too late), otherwise known as Daniel Beardsmore. I am a BSc (Hons) Computer Science undergraduate at Hertfordshire University in England, currently in my second year.
  As you may have already noticed, I am a fan of Macs, and this site is entirely produced using a Macintosh. I like science fiction and I would direct you to my first homepage, but because the project died there is little point. Still, if you are interested, go to it here. It opens in a new window.
   I also like programming, and having recently acquired REALbasic (for those not in the know, it’s the Mac equivalent of Visual Basic, if that helps) I have begun to write Mac programs. OK, not “proper” programs using C++ and CodeWarrior; I don’ feel that I have the time at the moment to teach myself Mac C++. Hopefully over the summer I can find the time to do so. There isn’t much else relevant to say, so I won’t (and that’s a first).
   My e-mail address is provided (as a link) on the main page; feel free to send me a mail to comment on this page.
– else deserves credit?
Larry Brash, for pointing out the the site was not compatible with Netscape, and that the PPP Door Stop StuffIt file would’t extract when downloaded.
  Chris Redit, for telling me that the alt text of images (shown as tooltips in Windows IE) was showing odd characters; this was because the font that Windows chose for the tooltip text did not feature the full extended ASCII set, so characters such as ‘…’ were appearing as vertical bars. Stupid Windows fonts.
– did I make this site?
I made it as a showcase for the Mac programs that I am developing (mainly TrekShips) and just for the fun of it. I enjoy making this site, and that’s probably why I do it. I have made a site before, but the project that was to provide most of the content died, so the site died with it (although it is still up).
– did I do it all?
The site is coded straight to HTML, using SimpleText, a text editor that came out of the the Dark Ages, and tested using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 Macintosh Edition (when it isn’t unexpectedly quitting…); it has never been anywhere near Dreamweaver. The graphics are done in Adobe Photoshop 5, and the layout is done on sheets of paper. Additional software used to help with the graphics were Graphic Converter 3.9.1 by LemkeSoft and Color It!™ 3.0 by MicroFrontier. The entire site is based on tables to keep things simple, and there is virtually no JavaScript.
FTP transfers are done using Panic’s Transmit (with it’s Synchronize feature).

Additional sources of help are:
  The HTML Tag List, by Rob Schlüter – it appears to have been discontinued, but for my purposes is still very useful. One mirror site can be found here at the University of Hertfordshire.
  Nick Shanks’s Web Site, for its comprehensive list of web page entities (easier than switching on my PC and running Character Map… :). It can be found here. The entities list can be found under the Personal section.
– was this site made?
I began work on the graphics, using Photoshop, on Friday 15th December 2000. I begin coding the HTML on Sunday 17th December. The site gets updated regularly (well, it should do) and many pages show their last update so it shouldn’t be hard to see when it was last changed.

All updates are shown on the notices page, so check it to see whether there is anything new to see.

This is a British site, hosted by a British ISP, containing British Mac software.
So there.