Notices... Latest notice 3rd March 2001
From the counter, I can see that there are one or two people still visiting this page. You will have undoubtedly noticed its stagnation, and I thought that I’d let you know that I am aware of my site’s current condition. There are several changes planned, but for several reasons the changes have yet to happen. My hard disc is too full for Photoshop to edit (let alone open) the site graphics file, and I have spent my free time working on software rather than my site.

I will work on it next when a) I have a new hard disc, b) I have the time, and c) I have no software development stealing my attention. Don’t hold out any hopes for now; if you want to see a daft and amusing homepage, try iangunn.cjb.net.

As before, any feedback (at all) will be welcome.

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