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Gorillas discussion

Discussion about the game Gorillas Deluxe – opinions, feature requests, etc.

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Benny T, NY, 2nd December 2004mail | Web

How did you take the screen captures of a qbasic program?

Telcontar replies, “The DOSCAP DOS screenshot utility, part of JASC System's PCS (Professional Capture Systems).”

dcm386, Canada, 12th November 2004Web

Thanks for the game :) I have been looking for just the original game with the speed fixed for a while now. But I came across your "deluxe" version, and it's even better than I had hoped! I told all my friends about it :D I hope you don't mind!

Telcontar replies, “No I don't mind :) maybe I should fix the speed in the original again all the same...”

John, 8th October 2004

Hey, thank you so much for providing me with a part of my childhood, albeit a slightly altered one.

bahienrohl, Brazil, 3rd August 2004mail | Web

Hey ya! Congratulations for your Deluxe! I first played Gorillas... <post data lost>

Telcontar replies, “You're welcome”

Anonymous, 1st August 2004

Doesn't work on XP. :(

Telcontar replies, “You should e-mail me with specifics if you want help with running it”

Bob the Gorilla, 28th November 2003

don't worry. I like gorillas. even if no one else does

Telcontar replies, “Gorillas Deluxe is a pretty popular download actually - there were at least 252 downloads of it in November; that's not bad for a DOS game :) It's funny, all those people looking for Gorillas... you'd never have thought so many people would be looking for it. Not that I mind :-)”

Bob the gorilla, 28th November 2003

i am the furst person to post something. yeah!!!!!

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