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Gorillas discussion

Discussion about the game Gorillas Deluxe – opinions, feature requests, etc.

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Bigred, MS, USA, 28th December 2005mail

I was looking for this game for my dad. He had an old computer with Windows 3.1.1 on it. It had the game Gorillas on it and he liked to play it. I helped him get a newer, faster computer, but he keeps talking about the Gorilla game that he loved so much on the old computer. The new computer has Windows 2000 and it didn't like the old version of Gorillas..I am hoping this will work for his computer. :p

Keith R, 25th April 2005Web

When looking for inspiration for a Java project, my group turned to this classic program. Although we made some of our own modifications, the project turned out well.



Telcontar replies, “Ooh bricks =) Maybe I'll have a look next time I'm on a machine with Java”

CLIVE, UK, 29th March 2005mail

To Telcontar

I have just downloaded your Gorillas Deluxe on XP and all is well.

Thanks for sharing this game with us.

It's the only game my wife likes and she thinks it's great as do I.

Best wishes to you.


Telcontar replies, “But who wins? :)”

chris1337, 15th February 2005

this game is as so primitiv as windows!!!!!

Berndl, 15th February 2005

oh yeah
thank you for this!
we are playing this in class all the time!

Telcontar, 19th December 2004

OK, Gorillas Deluxe 2.1b2 is now posted on the main page.

Thomas, 9th December 2004mail

When I try to run the game (gorillas deluxe), it skips back to qbasic and I get an OVERFLOW message while it highlights the
"SLIDECONST = 2.929 * MachSpeed" line

Telcontar replies, “Ok, I've mailed you details of a private beta, in which I think this is fixed.”

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