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The mandatory guestbook for my website, for visitor comments about the Web site and its content. For personal contact not related to my site, please see the contact page.

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Master Badger, Argh! Snake!, 23rd September 2004mail | Web

ACHOOOO!!!! *doubles over sneezing* *wipes snot* BADGER BADGER BADGER BADGER MUSHROOM MUSHROOM!

Telcontar replies, “They are evidently not all locked away...”

Auntie Margaret, Down the hill, 12th September 2004mail

Interesting thoughts on smoking Daniel.Nice picture of Tigger.

Telcontar replies, “Quick! Clean the site up! =)”

Lord Fredd, 10th September 2004mail | Web

What can I say. You're..weird, but it's a cool kind of weird. You also seem to take various extremes, but hey, you're a great guy.

Any nice girls out there, I'd advise you to get up with Uilleann. He got over his stalker phase early, so he's 100% safe

Telcontar replies, “That is what you think...”

Katherine, you know where i am, 28th July 2004

Hm, didn't know you had a guestbook...I guess I need to snoop around here more often :P

Telcontar replies, “Explorers deserve to be rewarded”

Air, Texas...yeehaw, 22nd July 2004mail | Web

well....i guess after X years of knowing you, its about time i post on your guest book eh?

Telcontar replies, “Long overdue, what's taken you so long? ;)”

Shinaku, England, 18th July 2004mail | Web

Hey :D

hm... Telcontar.net as a hentai site... I wont complain :P

Dylan Barwick, NC , USA, 10th July 2004mail | Web

The other night I had a dream that you told me to take over Telcontar.net and then I sold it to Shinaku who in turn sold it to Legsley, who in turn sold it to Yoshi at Kesou.com who in turn changed it into a Hentai site.

Telcontar replies, “You wish =) You only get to do that when I'm dead.”

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