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The mandatory guestbook for my website, for visitor comments about the Web site and its content. For personal contact not related to my site, please see the contact page.

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Chris Ogden, England, 27th July 2005mail | Web

GORILLAS! Thank you so much, I remembered this game from years and years ago and now here it is again! You're a genius my friend.

Thanks again!

Katherine, 18th June 2005

I re-did my webpage, for better or for worse.

Telcontar replies, “Which is goo.telcontar.net for anyone wondering...”

Siggy, NY, 8th May 2005mail | Web

My turn to post something. =)

Thanks for the Pixelcritter... if only cafepress could do the shirt in black. =/

Telcontar replies, “The object in question is the Pixelcritter t-shirt design under ThinkNerd.”

Andrzej Reszel, Sweden, Jönköping, HAGA, 19th March 2005mail | Web

Take a look at my LavaLamp pictures that I made a year ago, if you like!

Telcontar replies, “Interesting, I see I am not the only one to play with Lava Lamp. It's curious that you seemingly started out in 16-bit or higher colour (and cross fade) instead of 8-bit and external manipulation. It also seems apparent that I'm not the only one to experience visual artefacts in the image at higher resolutions. Next time I update my site I'll post a link to your gallery. Cheers.”

couka nadine, NC, 31st January 2005mail | Web

well well it seems like you still have all the messages i gave you like months ago!! lol thats cool!!! later gator!!! love "sexy couka"" jk

Telcontar replies, “Yep, still here. They even survived my SQL Massacre...”

Couka Nadine arenales, north carolina, 13th January 2005mail

hola Dan!
como estas?... espero que entiendas lo que estoy diciendo perdon que no sea en ingles!! ;) solo quiero confesar que yo quiero mucho a DYLAN BARWICK y espero que no seas tan antisocial. bueno... me despido diciendo FELIZ 2005!! HASTA LUEGO AMIGO!!!

con mucho AMOR, COUKA

Telcontar replies, “Huh?”

couka, 13th January 2005mail

hey danny... i havent talk to you in a while.. hehhe maybe because i havent been on my computer. well well... talk to you later

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