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Version history:
30th June 2003: 1.0

Mac OS classic (StuffIt, 4 kB)

MacASP-error acgi bridge 1.0 open source

MacASP-error acgi bridge is a facility for allowing MacASP to make use of error acgi for its 404 pages, allowing MacASP 404 errors to match your site’s custom style, and to be able to take advantage of error acgi 1.2’s redirection facility. It consists of a system.asp (for trapping the error) and an AppleScript MacASP plugin for providing connectivity with error acgi. The bridge is public domain code.

Requires MacASP 1.12 or later.

How it works:

The action handler system of MacHTTP is used to map extensions to CGI applications. In the case of MacASP, the extension .asp is mapped to MacASP.acgi. The problem with this system is twofold:

  • MacHTTP does not check for the existence of files before passing paths over to MacASP
  • MacASP is unable to signal a 404 error back to MacHTTP

Thus, MacASP has to provide its own error pages, and the error handler of MacHTTP is not called. MacASP-error acgi bridge takes on the task of forwarding the page request to error acgi on behalf of MacASP, so that error acgi can process the request and generate a 404 page or 301 redirect page as appropriate.