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Version history:

  • 9th December 2007: 1.0.1
  • 21st March 2007: 1.0



Made with REALbasic

RegEx Rename 1.0.1 open source

RegEx Rename is a spin-off of Batch-RegEx for renaming files. It offers regular expression rename with the same expression system as Batch-RegEx. Operation can be via drag-and-drop, or via the command line (suitable for Explorer contextual actions, which is how I use it). Multiple replace commands can be specified at once.

RegEx Rename is discontinued. It is left with the following limitations, never resolved due to lack of interest in the program:

  • Cannot rename folders
  • No simulation mode to check if your expressions are correct before obliterating your filenames
  • No duplicate name resolution: rename operations that would duplicate are simply skipped
  • No provision to first filter which files to affect when in folder-at-once mode (think RewriteCond)
  • No elementary commands for common tasks such as “make all extensions lowercase”
  • No file renumbering (still deciding how to handle this: I want to allow replacement of regular expression sub-patterns with a renumber marker)
  • Adding to the selection of files to be operated on (say, with shift?)
  • Match all is always off unless specified in each expression.