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Version history:
6th June 2004: 2.3
2nd January 2004: 2.2.1
22nd December 2003: 2.2
12th November 2003: 2.1b3
11th November 2003: 2.1b2
18th June 2001: 2.0b1

Change log

Download (for Mac OS classic):
2.3 PPC (StuffIt, 544 kB)
2.3 68k (StuffIt, 435 kB)
RB 3.5.2 source (StuffIt, 69 kB)

2.2.1 PPC (StuffIt, 539 kB)
2.2.1 68k (StuffIt, 413 kB)

Made with REALbasic

Internet Startup 2.3 open source
Daniel Beardsmore

Internet Startup is a utility for dial-up modem users; it loads all your Internet software (e.g. e-mail client, Web browser, chat clients) while dialling up your Internet connection. To make things quicker, pre-set groups of applications can be set up, which can be chosen with a single mouse click or set to be selected automatically when the program loads. In the illustration, the program has been configured with four Internet applications, and two groups have been set up: one of which will load iCab, Eudora and ShadowIRC. The program will automatically quit once the connection has been made.

Features include:

  • Applications can be set to be hidden after load
  • The program can be set to load your software and dial the connection automatically upon loading
  • Notification of successful and unsuccessful connection attempts, for users with internal modems or external modems without a connection status light
  • Background connection – lets you dial the connection without seeing the white Remote Access connection dialog 1

The application is 68k-friendly; see the update resources page for more information about running the program under 68k and versions of Mac OS earlier than 8.1. And as of 2.3, the application is open source.

I have no interest in continuing to maintain this software. Reportedly it’s full of bugs, which Pierre Cardinal objects to on behalf of all the other users out there. I was not aware that any other users existed.


1 Applications that demand a connection on load will bring up the Remote Access connecting dialog regardless. However, it is possible to patch Remote Access so that the white dialog no longer holds up the machine.