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Version history:
14th May 2004: 1.0
25th April 2004: 1.0b1

Mac OS classic (StuffIt, 509 kB)
Mac OS X (Disk image, 773 kB)
RB 3.5.2 source (StuffIt, 44 kB)

Made with REALbasic

iCab Hotlist Insert 1.0 open source

iCab Hotlist Insert takes bookmark files from other browsers and inserts their URLs and page titles into iCab’s Hotlist file. It was primarily designed for importing AOL bookmarks previously exported to disc, but it can now read Internet Explorer bookmark files (from Mac OS and Windows) and Mac OS Internet Location files. iCab Hotlist Insert writes entries directly to iCab’s Hotlist.html file at the bottom of the Hotlist, preserved any folder structures from the Finder.

The application is designed for Mac OS 9 and earlier, and while it has been compiled for Mac OS X too, I make no promises that it will work well or even at all (seeing as I only run 9.1).

I have no interest in continuing to maintain this software.