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HTTP Werkzeug’s future

Redesigning the application

ibnn’s suggestions for my program pose interesting questions about the application. I am myself unhappy with the design, particularly how in Windows it uses several windows (request, transcript and cookies) that cannot be shown and hidden simultaneously.

At some point, and certainly before a rewrite of the application, I will have to decide where the program is destined to go. With close to zero useful feedback (and very little feedback to begin with) I don’t really know how many users I have, or what they do with the program or would like to see it do. Despite the ubiquitous nature of cURL and wget, the fact that HTTP Werkzeug has been available since 2003, and the evidence that people love graphical tools, HTTP Werkzeug is very much disregarded or unknown to people. My assumption can only be that the idea is simply undesirable, since there seem to be no rival applications out there. I have enquired on the cURL e-mail list though.

Something I was thinking about was a more useful content viewer, as follows:

Plain-text viewing mode
Binary viewing mode
Hexadecimal viewing mode

Development builds

Although development is presently stalled, there are development versions of the program in my development builds folder, built for Mac OS 8-9 and X and Windows; there are also older builds in the older builds folder. Nothing in any build is guaranteed to work and there are still plenty of bugs; these are NOT beta builds. There will not be an official beta until I am satisfied that everything works well.

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The following represents the feature wishlist for future versions, but generally not including ideas posted to Versiontracker by ibnn, because I don’t understand all of what he wrote yet (I am not clued up on modern Web technology). Hollow bullets indicate changes that had already been made in the old 1.3; solid bullets indicate new ideas. Crossed-out entries are implemented in the 1.2.4 development versions; other features added to 1.2.4 but not originally listed below have not been added.



Bug fixes