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Bug of the moment 2020-05-08

Backlog Roll-Up 1

I have never stopped collecting screenshots, and rather than dump them at the ends of the main gallery pages, I will be posting some of them here (maybe). Although some of them are a few years old, this does not excuse any of them, and nothing has changed in the industry since.

Way back in Windows 8, Microsoft renamed Windows Explorer to File Explorer. Well, mostly. In Task Manager it is still called Windows Explorer to this day:

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Years ago, I took a screenshot of a remote session onto a computer where someone’s colleague had replaced his desktop background with a penis drawn in MS Paint. This has remained in my Pictures folder ever since. One day, Windows 10 started using this image as the folder contents of every new folder I created:

I don’t recall if it ever stopped doing that. It doesn’t now, after the drive failed and I rebuilt the OS. Twice, as the spare drive in storage only lasted two weeks and died completely. (The original drive is still bootable but freezes long enough to cause Windows to panic.)

I never ceased to be amazed at how Windows fails to get even the simplest tasks right:

Which app, exactly?

It appears that VMware have acquired a patent on pretty much the entire IT industry, and feel that they need to parade this achievement around:



Posted 8th May 2020 – Comments and questions?