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Bug of the moment 2010-07-03

A litle while ago, I needed to upgrade Internet Explorer on a computer where Automatic Updates had been disabled across the whole domain. I put “Internet Explorer” into Google and got a results page very similar to this one:

I followed the link to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer page for the United Kingdom, and to my surprise, was told that I’ve already got one:

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I forgot to do anything with the screenshot for a few weeks until I rediscovered it. I followed the same link in both Mozilla Firefox and Opera on my own computer, and got precisely the same results:

On inspecting the source, I can see that Microsoft certainly did intend for the page to figure out whether you need or indeed can run Internet Explorer 8, but something doesn’t quite work correctly. I am not quite bored enough to pull the site apart to figure out where they’ve gone wrong.

Posted 3rd July 2010 – Comments and questions?