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Bug of the moment 2010-02-21

Update Roll-Up 5

Third entry so far for 2010; perhaps this year I will get in more entries than 2009, which saw a total of seven across the whole year.

I can understand Firefox issuing script warnings for Web pages that run amok, but one would have presumed that they would have taken more care over the program itself:

From Mr Anonymous, all the icons have slithered down the Dock; the Reality Distortion Field must be preventing them from dropping right off and bouncing all over the bottom of the display:

There is something deeply concerning about the frequency at which the Dock misplaces icons.

I am not sure how many people would really understand the following warning message, even were it not so incorrectly displayed:

View complete screenshot

F-Secure Policy Manager Console has a strange idea about progress; normally the progress bar is at least shown at 100% during an overrun:

This just in: Windows admits to not knowing what it’s doing:

I have seen one of the following appear on every single PC that I have upgraded to XP Service Pack 3, and I still don't understand why it sees fit to vomit out errors, nor what it is actually failing to achieve:

Finally, every program has to die eventually:

Posted 21st February 2010 – Comments and questions?