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Bug of the moment 2010-01-02

While using Batch-RegEx to clean up outdated PHP code, I mistakenly handed it a whole folder tree, which generally causes a crash when binary files are encountered. The program did indeed crash when I tried to cancel the operation.

However, despite the crash, I was still able to focus the progress window and highlight text:

In fact, I could focus the main window and continue typing into it as though nothing had even happened:

View complete screenshot

Batch-RegEx is threaded, so I figured that the crash occurs within the worker thread, and that Dr Watson comes along and terminates the offending thread leaving the rest of the program still functional until the crash dialog is closed. This suggested that I would be able to perform a fresh search and replace job while the last one was still crashed. I tested this theory with success as illustrated in this screenshot.

Too bad this doesn’t work in any other software!

Posted 2nd January 2010 – Comments and questions?