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Bug of the moment 2009-01-04

I’ve started setting up my “new” PowerMac G4 tower – which replaces Firetrack – and I have configured DAVE to share the whole hard drive under the same share name as my Mac OS X user share. This means that I can use the same Windows Explorer bookmark for both systems. Mac OS 9 was a pretty clean system, but Mac OS X is a bit messy, and the two sharing the same hard drive leads to considerable clutter.

The most bizarre issue though is that, to DAVE, the root of the drive contains a folder with no name (along with the horse with no name and Martin Freeland). Something that most of us, including the good folk at Microsoft, have probably given little thought to is what Explorer would do when presented with a folder that has no name. This may explain Explorer's very intriguing behaviour:

Notice that, of course, the History menu item icon is wrong again.

Posted 4th January 2009 – Comments and questions?