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Bug of the moment 2008-07-21

Update Roll-Up 4

I was always puzzled by why PKZIP in MS-DOS used forward slashes instead of backslashes when displaying paths on screen. I didn’t realise that officially forward slashes are allowed (DOS and Windows swing both ways), although just you try actually using them anywhere. What I also did not realise is that Web addresses also allow backslashes:

Often when Pidgin starts, this happens:

I don’t know why MSN gives me so much grief in Pidgin; blame Microsoft? (Abort/Retry/Cancel)

A strange bug I’ve been seeing in Winamp 5 for some time now – most of the standard file formats supported by Winamp don’t actually show up in the file chooser dialog box:

.mid files do show up, but tracker formats, .wav and .mp3 do not. What I do have installed is AdPlug, an OPL2 emulator plugin, but there is absolutely no way to get it to play basic MIDI files, such as old video game music that needs to be heard on the original synth chip.

Some stupid online test has no idea what to make of progress:

Nothing more homely and fitting, with a virtual DOS, than a virtual DOS crash:

Someone’s site code chokes over the use of animated GIFs for product screenshots, resulting in a ridiculously scrambled image until you view the full-size image:

View complete screenshot

Finally, a little bit of irony, from Firefox and from Firebug:

Posted 21st July 2008 – Comments and questions?