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Bug of the moment 2008-07-01

My first Vista screenshot, part of the so far unseen collection from David Joffe (of Microsoft Crash Gallery fame). It does date back to May 2007, but Vista being current I thought I’d share it here anyway, as it’s just so strange. Do you notice anything wrong with this picture? (Aside from David saving it as a JPEG!)

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I’ve already commented on Apple’s dodgy efforts to create a swanky window manager, such as disappearing windows and confusion as to what state the screen is meant to be in. However, it’s pretty rare for a Mac to be confused as to what a window actually looks like, with this bizarre exception.

In this case, Winamp is not a single window, but an associated collection of windows. I don’t know precisely what’s troubling Vista, but it’s unable to get a normal picture of the window associated with the taskbar button. However, what it has ended up with, extraordinarily, is the Winamp classic skin. If you look closely, the instance of Winamp in the thumbnail shows the same song and song position as the modern skin, so it’s running live.

What sort of combination of nonsense could produce a phenomenon like this? How could, and why would Winamp be running two skin engines at the same time, and what’s stopping Vista just picking a window and drawing a thumbnail of it?

I asked David if he could replicate it, and send a PNG image, but he replied, “Unfortunately not :/ I finally deleted that piece of cr-p Vista off my laptop and reinstalled XP!” Too bad; I do have the latest Winamp, but I’m still using Windows 2000 and XP.

Posted 1st July 2008 – Comments and questions?