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Bug of the moment 2008-03-08

Update Roll-Up 3

We’re long overdue another random assortment, and I’ve been stockpiling various screenshots.

OzZyLoStHiSMiNd sent me the following two:

The latter is from the support CD for an ECS Elitegroup 865G-M motherboard for the Intel Pentium 4 processor and according to the guide book, it’s good for 98/2000/XP. Except that apparently it’s not. Though, 'S' is nothing more than an integer of value 83…

While saving the above image, I was reminded of Pidgin’s odd choice of default save directory. Not the Pidgin folder, or My Documents, or Desktop, but the GTK runtime binaries folder:

The following Apache configuration file was obviously automatically generated by a broken copy of Globat’s Control Console, during a period where they were toying with the idea of binary config:

I use Bare Bones BBEdit 7.1.4 as my primary text editor. It’s a spectacular product and I was quite caught by surprise when asking to Redo (I think) spontaneously corrupted my document:

I also learned the hard way that Bare Bones and the PHP Group disagree on heredoc termination: Bare Bones allow for trailing spaces after the semicolon, which PHP does not accept, and throws up a seemingly spurious unexpected $end parse error.

The Finder always has random new surprises for everyone, whether we’re in 9 or X. Here, dragging an item from Fetch to the hard drive keeps triggering the window’s icon – from its parent window – to draw at the bottom of the window:

The following Internet forum has a rather strange approach to formatting four-digit years:

Either that, or it’s not the year I thought it was …

Word 98 demonstrating a random bout of confusion:

Finally, the SparkPlug archive explorer tool for RISC OS doesn’t appear to find out if you accidentally delete an archive being browsed. Continuing to browse said deleted archive results in a delightful crash :)

Posted 8th March 2008 – Comments and questions?