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Bug of the moment 2008-01-18

RIP Windows Crash Gallery

After what could be as much as ten years of faithful service (the oldest images date back to 1998), South African David Joffe’s Windows Crash Gallery – along with the rest of his ScorpionCity site – has come to an end. The Windows Crash Gallery – formerly known as the MS Crash Gallery – had a particularly good selection of computer problem screenshots and I was saddened to discover that the site had passed on.

The e-mail address associated with the site (thanks, Wayback Machine) still works and I’ve enquired about migrating some or all of the screenshots here. The e-mail has not bounced, so I will wait to see if I get a reply. The copyright notice on the site indicated that most of the screenshots were free for use on other sites, so if I don’t hear from David Joffe, I will see how many the Wayback Machine was kind enough to archive.

On the up side, I encountered The Online Error Message Collection earlier.


The Windows Crash Gallery is now archived here with David’s blessing.

Posted 18th January 2008 – Comments and questions?