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Bug of the moment 2007-10-27

I ran my site through Xenu’s Link Sleuth again, to check for any 404s and redirects. I have two links to Hot Air: Postal Experiments, in the archived Links pages of version 1 and version 2 of my site. Links going that far back do tend to rot, but I check them anyway to see what happens.

Turns out the link was not broken after all: it came up fine. So why did Xenu get a 404 only hours earlier? I had a sneaky feeling of what HTTP Werkzeug showed to be true:

The page returns error 404 despite being found

Clearly, what the server meant to say was, “404 File found”.

Incidentally, as part of the process of writing this entry, a search and replace attempt generated an old nemesis of an error, the “Starship Enterprise Found Reverse” error:

BBEdit displaying Mac error -1701

Posted 27th October 2007 – Comments and questions?