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Bug of the moment 2007-07-13

In the last few weeks, I cannot describe my computing experience as having been plain sailing. However, nothing I’ve seen felt worthy of posting here. However, this one really struck me funny. I went to call up TweakUI via the Start menu (I’ve been customising my shortcut icon badge) and the Start menu was all paged out again. I put the cursor over where the Control Panel submenu should appear, and went back the Mac and waited. When it finally appeared, I got this:

Control Panel submenu with over half the items missing

Where have all my applets gone?

I opened Control Panel itself and checked, and it’s fine, as you can see. But the Start menu version is rather thin on the ground (comme les singes).

By disabling and re-enabling expansion of the Control Panel menu item, I got Explorer to correctly repopulate it without having to kill Explorer or anything. I was just amused, though, as this one is completely new to me. I don’t know how many bugs there are in Windows 2000 but I imagine I have a fair few left to find.

Gotta collect ’em all.

Posted 13th July 2007 – Comments and questions?