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Bug of the moment 2007-06-13

I don’t think Bug of the Moment has been sufficiently esoteric lately. So here’s one I’ve been hoarding that will put us back on track.

When you drag an image in Opera 9, instead of dragging merely an outline, or seeing simply a modified cursor (as with Firefox) you drag a translucent copy of the whole image. Or, since Opera failed spectacularly to get this right, you drag a translucent piece of whatever part of the image is visible:

However, when that image is inside a scrolling iframe that is partially outside the window, you realise the full extent of their screwball implementation:

View full-size screenshot

Yep. You drag a screenshot of the iframe area and whatever else is on the screen where the iframe would be if Opera’s window was large enough. Although you can see that it gets that wrong, too.

Posted 13th June 2007 – Comments and questions?