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Bug of the moment 2007-06-12

We programmers often make silly little mistakes. It’s normal. What troubles yet amuses me more is when large companies like a certain Redmond, Washington-based outfit makes such large numbers of them that don’t seem to be caught. Take note of what happens if you ask to delete a file that is larger than the space allocated to the Recycle Bin (screenshots from BetBest1):

Explorer prompts whether the file should be placed in the Recycle Bin

So far, so good. I am sure I’ve mentioned the absurdity of this dialog box enough times before.

Explorer now informs the user that the file won't fit; should it be deleted?

Oh noes. The folder won’t fit. Shouldn’t we have worked that out to begin with? I am not sure on that one, as it’s relatively expensive to perform such checks unless the file system actively tracks the total count of every node. Wait … did someone say “folder”? What folder?

It is not a random bug. I can reproduce it in Windows 2000 with delete confirmation disabled:


Incidentally, what is the difference between a folder and a file folder?

Why can’t I give folders a different icon? Before I last re-installed I did change the folder icon using Registry Editor but it didn’t really work, and broke Explorer.

Note also that I can create, but neither edit nor remove custom actions? Again, if I need to work with custom actions I do it all with Registry Editor as I have much better control. I am still glad that custom actions do exist, as it’s far harder to rig them on the Macintosh.

Posted 12th June 2007 – Comments and questions?