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Bug of the moment 2007-05-21

I am not sure what to write about at the moment, but here is something that struck me funny earlier. If I ask to quit Lynx, I am given only one option:

My options appear to be “Yes”, or, “Yes”. This would suggest that pressing any other key but Y would cancel the quit request. But no: pressing any key but N will still quit Lynx.

Note that if you do press N, the program congratulates you, perhaps for demonstrating original thought and taking an option not offered:

On a similar vein, my sister has lent me three Eddie Izzard DVDs (his first three recorded shows). I wasn’t so keen on Unrepeatable, but The Definite Article was pretty good. When I first inserted the disc, however, I was greeted by this message:

Note that I have never played or attempted to play this disc before. Note also that the sheet is virtually a no-op. I say “virtually” because there exists the remote possibility that I may decide that, since I’ve never played it before, I may now decide not to play it at all.

Posted 21st May 2007 – Comments and questions?