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Bug of the moment 2007-04-12

I am not sure if my Macintosh is feeling under the weather or whether (since its uptime is only 15 days) the following is simply a case of me taking (literally) seven years to notice this problem. This is how Key Caps portrays my keyboard:

I am a little confused, because:

I am also at loss as to why escape, page down, home etc. are shown with symbols (even if they’re wrong) while the arrow keys, backspace etc are all drawn blank. I draw a blank at this one.

At least it made it to Apple’s “Fix this for X” list:

On the subject of “Did I really only just notice this now?” what is up with this?

I am well accustomed to different windows on a desktop using different widget sets, but two different widget sets within the same window? Why would Fetch deliberately draw its own pop-up menus? It’s not like pop-up menus were one of the widgets that Apple didn’t introduce until Mac OS 8.

Posted 12th April 2007 – Comments and questions?