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Bug of the moment 2007-04-05

Not long after I acquired my Pentium PC in 2004, I installed Winamp onto it. Believing the incorrect rumours that Winamp was dead, I never investigated the possibility of new releases until recently. (Then we had the mp3cue debacle, but that is another story, thankfully culimating in a renewed appreciation for both Winamp and mp3cue.)

The new Winamp builds have improved ID3 tag handling, which appears to have introduced it to the strange “phantom ID3 tags” phenomenon. This phenomenon can be seen by opening various audio files, and is constituted of Winamp seeing tags that don’t exist:

The question is simple: does this file have ID3 version 2 tags or not? Winamp simultaneously shows remnants of an ID3v2 tag whilst claiming that the file does not have one (the ID3v2 checkbox remains unticked).

The only other tagging tool I have is the nifty Mp3tag, so I consulted it:

No ID3v2 tag here either. (No oil wells either that I know of, although the idea of a lyrics tag on an instrumental DJ mix intrigues me; if only I had a program to view it.)

It’s got worse since I took these screenshots. For example, I have an album where all the tunes from the first disc show as being untagged, but Winamp reads the tags just fine. Perhaps I should forward some example files to Nullsoft and Florian Heidenreich (developer of Mp3tag) to see if anyone can figure out what has ended up being written into these files…

Posted 5th April 2007 – Comments and questions?