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Bug of the moment 2007-02-26

Update Roll-Up 2

They say that quantity makes up for quality, right? I hope so!

The most spectacular crash I’ve had in a while was trying to get HTTP Werkzeug to perform both Basic authentication and file saving simultaneously. It didn’t appreciate that request, to the tune of quite a few exceptions:

View complete screenshot

To see just how many exceptions I got, view the full screenshot and look at the taskbar. Don’t ask me why exception dialogs consider themselves to be taskbar-worthy.

While we’re on the subject of HTTP Werkzeug crashes (did I ever mention that it needs rewriting in a half-decent toolkit?) here’s another oddity. Windows has a fixed limit for the length of the name of a process:

View full screenshot

Looks to be fifteen characters. Now supposing that program were to crash? (Not an unrealistic supposition, as you realise)

Anyone remember “Magic Magic E”? “Pin turns to pine with me, I’m Magic Magic E!” Well, he’s back. Oddly enough, I don’t recall seeing that particular bug before. And it’s not like I am short on crashes, either.

While we are also on the subject of childrens’ television, any of you watch Sesame Street as a kid? And remember Count? I’d like him to help me out with this one. See, we have one recent post, two recent posts, three recent posts, ah! ah! ah!

According to WordPress, it’s five, but maybe I need Count’s help for that. I won’t ask Count to participate in the next one, as you will surely agree that we’d be here all day:

To you and I, that constitutes “a day” but as you know, computers aren’t very smart. They seem to be as hooked on hallucinogenics as their operators, however – this is a similar prompt:

I’ve been seeing the following problem for a while – it may be related to my upgrade to the latest version of Winamp:

It is not fazed by such things as rebooting Windows, of course. (Nor is anything much – rebooting Windows does pretty little but harm your uptime.)

There are some strange implementations to be found therein, however. For example, I have re-enabled menu selection fades. If the program that owns the menu item becomes distracted, the window containing the fading item gets stuck on the screen, sometimes for some time:

Finally, version_lili’s site confirms that I am, indeed, 1337:

Posted 26th February 2007 – Comments and questions?