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Bug of the moment 2006-12-09

The bugs keep coming, they keep on coming. I think Mozilla Thunderbird’s particular lameness is plaguing me the most right now but not generally in a way that I can capture, but this screenshot of having modified an account’s username sums it up:

(It is my PC; I was testing an apparently non-functioning account.)

The following bug in Firefox I reported on Bugzilla but it’s non-reproducible. It would seem to be a bug that is triggered only by a certain extension or extensions (since I created a clean profile for Firefox 2.0), although of course it’s still a stupid bug in Firefox that an extension can make such a mockery of XUL in the first place…

If I drag a sidebar past its maximum width (let’s assume it’s even reasonable to have a maximum width), instead of simply staying at that width, it tears away from the side of the window:

If by accident I don’t notice, and let go of the mouse button, the damage is permanent and the window how has a hole in it even if you close the sidebar:

The hole can not be reduced, but it can certainly still be enlarged:

Is XUL really so fragile that something like this can be triggered? Either way, if anyone is going to find the bug, you can guess who it is going to be …

Although as penance for complaining, here is something that Mr Anonymous picked up on my site on the page about my PC:

Posted 9th December 2006 – Comments and questions?