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Bug of the moment 2006-11-13

Following on from the previous bug of the moment about inappropriate contextual menu items in the Finder’s Trash menu, many of you have been writing in with great curiosity to ask what the Print item did in that menu:

Okay, I lied, I never get any mail about Bug of the Moment, or pretty much anything else for that matter. But nevertheless, be prepared for what happens if you do select that item. Read the words carefully:

Impressive huh? Of course, Apple have … pioneered … an approach where files on the disc can actually be folders or even programs disguised as files, which makes me want to take away their drugs. In this case, this bug relates to perfectly ordinary files such as that one.

I am told by silvestrij that the Print menu item is absent in Panther, at least, it was when he tried it earlier, with only two inaccessible networked printers listed. But in Tiger, it appears regardless of whether you have a printer installed or not:

As you saw, I don’t. The scary part is that “Error printing” is Microsoft’s pathetic excuse for a printing error message, meaning anything from the USB cable having fallen out of the computer, to a system-level failure on a remote printer hosted over SMB printer sharing.

As an aside, why, after I start a timed screenshot with Grab, does it remain stuck on the screen as a global floating window obstructing what it was I wanted to capture?

It removes the window right before it takes the picture, but not before then, when I needed to go do my right-click on the file and have it capture the screen (and the cursor). It should move out the way somewhere or something. Even a minimise button would be courteous!

Posted 13th November 2006 – Comments and questions?