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Bug of the moment 2006-11-05

Okay, I am getting tired of all the bugs in my own code – let’s pick on Apple instead :-)

I just spotted something odd about the Finder. Now, as much as I hate Mac OS X, I am still a long way behind figuring out why everyone hates the Finder so much (apart from when all the icons in my window disappear, or the desktop won’t update after a screenshot). But this is a little odd:

The primary contextual menu command for an item in the Trash is “Open”. Which strikes me as a touch odd, since it’s an illegal command:

Apple have already long since abandoned the zoom (“+”) button on the title bar (I wonder why they even kept it in OS X at all) and now they’ve also started to throw in the towel with context as well. And what happened to “Put Away”? In case you’ve forgotten, as it’s been a few years now, this menu item:

Put Away, the command to restore a file to its original location (and the jerry-rigged alternative to the terribly broken Eject). Not only is missing from the Finder contextual menus, but the File menu also. I cannot speak for Windows Vista, but Windows 2000 still has this item, called “Restore”.

What happened to Apple’s once meticulous eye for detail and correctness?

Posted 5th November 2006 – Comments and questions?