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Bug of the moment 2006-10-11

Update Roll-Up 1

The Daily WTF has its regular assortment postings of images so I decided I would round up the stray images that I have been given or set aside and post them all here.

We have, in no particular order…

For some reason, I fired up old Macintosh AOL Instant Messenger, and discovered two strange buddies lurking in my offline buddies list:

Neither one shows up under Gaim, neither has ever messaged me, and neither seems to be especially useful.

In the hope of getting Blender to behave in Windows, I tried upgrading my video drivers for my Matrox G200 card. This is what the WinZip self-extraction window comes up like:

I don’t follow … What am I supposed to do here? But the Setup button means to proceed with the install, as this seems to be a specially bundled version of the self-extractor that can run the contents of the Zip file and clean-up afterwards. Nice of it to give me a explanation.

The following is misleading:

Yes, at the time of taking the screenshot, “NULL” was my MSN Messenger display name. However, what is curious is the red X over my icon. I keep a reference to each of my accounts in my buddy list to track my status (at least until status handling bugs in gaim are resolved.)

Now, the red X tells you that you are not on that particular person’s buddy list…


Maybe this is why Apple phased out balloon help – afraid of being caught out:

Just to be fair, a screenshot from my own handiwork:

And another:

When you Windowshade-up the window, the drop-down I opened doesn’t close. I am glad I found this pic as I’d otherwise have forgotten to fix this!

But REAL made the exact same mistake with their IDE:

Here I have been able to move, resize and windowshade the window without the drop-down menu going anywhere. Although that is an old IDE, REAL to this day still continue to underestimate the extreme difficulty of writing a drop-down menu with an inadequate event model, which is necessary when their own framework doesn’t give you any such facility itself.

Finally, something silvestrij gave me: some rather curious arithmetic from a wireless router configuration:

Posted 11th October 2006 – Comments and questions?