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Bug of the moment 2006-09-16

Exposé on Exposé

Well, here we are with Mac OS X once again; after passing on my first iMac to my sister, I have wound up with another. My mother turned 60 today. Windows 2000 has finally been restarted, after staying up for 145 days before I fell foul of the abominable service host system. And I took a screenshot of myself taking a screenshot.

Although as the introductory B-Movie for this entry, here is something that is not supposed to be possible:

Due to severe machine lag, the About dialog took its time opening and finally made an appearance in the middle of using Exposé. Obviously the window manager has some limitations in the level of checks it performs in showing windows...

But here is the real beauty. Press cmd-shift-4 to initiate area screenshot mode, and tap space to switch to window screenshot mode. Make sure you have a window highlighted for a screenshot and press F9 to switch to All Windows. Instead of applying a window filter parameter, Mac OS X highlights windows by showing a second, blue window on top. This gets left behind when entering All Windows mode:

If you select a different window to the one you had highlighted on entering All Windows, the reverse happens on leaving All Windows:

And yes. The above pictures are screenshots taken – with cmd-shift-3 – during the process of taking a screenshot.

I am not sure, however, what was happening in this case as I was not paying attention:

But yes, more screenshots of Mac OS X to come; the stockpile is already being formed…

Posted 16th September 2006 – Comments and questions?