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Bug of the moment 2006-08-08

Son of Crtl

Some of you may remember Crtl. Well, the contributor of Crtl strikes again, this time with Apple QuickTime 7.1 for Windows XP:

This is not Microsoft we’re talking about. Nor is it an outdated product. But it’s Apple, and a much more recent application. Granted, I would put down Microsoft as the company more likely to have a cross-platform framework for their software but still, what are Apple doing entering shortcuts by hand?

This is how it looked in QuickTime 6:

Similar, but you will notice a few missing accelerators. This was at least rectified in the subsequent release. I am curious that you now need to register the program to open a new window though.

While I’m here, how about this one?

I read an anecdote about fitting an AGP card (a little way down the page, so much for named anchors ;) but the worst I ever tried was adding a floppy drive to a Dell. I certainly did not take a hammer to my video card and drive it into a PCI slot. Windows appears to be suggesting that I did.

This is Windows 2000; a couple of friends with Windows XP report the same results with their cards: Windows seemingly cannot differentiate the two types of bus. Maybe there’s a rational explanation. Maybe Microsoft don’t have a clue. Who knows.

Posted 8th August 2006 – Comments and questions?