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Bug of the moment 2006-07-27

Okay, so this is not a particularly serious bug, or even a serious bug at all. But it does go to show some of the bizarre complexities we weave for ourselves when we design software. Maybe the little things we are in denial about ever happening. Or ever being noticed (but I will). More, the little things we just don’t realise will ever happen at all. In this case, it’s harmless but funny:

Figured it out yet?

Outlook Express, like many applications, uses “relative” dates. That is, a date of today is written as “Today” instead of the date itself. The same applies for “Yesterday”. Part of the Outlook Express window was covered over by another window during the transition from yesterday to today; when I triggered a redraw of that part of the window, that part, and that part alone, was redrawn with different relative dates to what was shown yesterday.

Posted 27th July 2006 – Comments and questions?